Storyboard for a Promotional Video

Comm Lab - Video and Sound

Group Members:

Amena Hayat

Stephanie Paige

Ayal Rosenberg

We decided to take up the Promotional Video option and jumped right in, sharing our own first ideas and in the end, deciding to incorporate each into what we hope will be a humorous, inspiring infomercial for an amazing product that you all would want to get your hands on.

Our infomercial is going to promote a magical device (a wand, to be exact), that you can code to cause paranormal-telekinesis instances to occur. The overarching idea – the product – is the purest combination of all of our visions for this assignment (a paranormal product, Harry Potter, creating an evil twin).

The general idea of our project is to reflect daily problems of the average ITPer, and how to resolve those issues with the wave of a wand. We are including “P5 coding” in the concept to provide a realistic side to our made up product.

We thought of the daily problems and which of these were interesting enough to cause for the need of a device like ours. From here, we discussed how these could be solved and how/why our device works. Then, how our timeline and storyboard would look. Get ready for the magic below:

Scene 1:

Presenting the first problem : An instructor asks if you did the blog post. And you’re all embarrassed. The instructor is disappointed.

Scene 2:

You are learning Chinese from a book and then go to a group of people and say stupid stuff in Chinese. They look at you in shocked faces. You are embarrassed.

Scene 3:

You are walking down the street and there is a couple holding hands and they’re blocking your way. Next frame – you get to class and you’re late.

Scene 4:

“Introducing – P5.fricking_magic_wand!!” the wand appears at the front of the picture.

Scene 5:

The scientist explains how it works and what is the secret component. A brief frame of someone writing code and uploading it to the wand.

Scene 6:

Going back to the class with the homework. A brief shot of the computer screen with a funny line of code (“map(shiffman, memory, 0,0”);   Then there’s a shot of the Instructor confused and carry on with the class.

Scene 7-8:

Same as 6

Scene X :

“Warning – infinite loops can cause the creation of  an evil twin”

The protagonist’s so called evil twin is making mayhem in the lounge.  


~Sketched by Amena~

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