Soundwalk: Our Commute

Comm Lab - Video and Sound

Group Members:

Alice Sun

Amena Hayat

Elizabeth Ferguson

We were tasked to make a 5-minute Soundwalk for Communications Lab, and we chose to do one with a journey in mind. We imagined a route across the globe, with our hometowns as stops, which ended in our new home; New York City. With nostalgic sounds of each of the places we hail from, Busan in South Korea, Lahore in Pakistan, and San Fransisco Bay Area in the US, and a refreshing, hopeful ending with sounds that immortalise New York City, our soundwalk is an emotion stirrer.

The soundwalk was planned on a Google Sheet:


–  Sound edition for Lahore, Pakistan in Track 1-Journey
–  Sound edition for entire Track 2 -MTA (Train) and Track 3  -Home (NYC subway and street)
–  Story narration for Lahore, Pakistan

–  Sound edition for Bay Area, US in Track 1-Journey
–  Story narration for Bay Area, US
–  Production of the map inside Tisch School of the Arts at 721 Broadway

–  Sound edition for Busan, South Korea in Track 1-Journey
–  Sound edition for Intro
–  Story narration for Busan, South Korea, Intro and Ending
–  Remapping and combining of entire tracks

We used Adobe Audition to edit sound, this is what the formatting looked like:

And the soundwalk also incorporated an instructional map:

Here, have a listen!

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