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I’ve been both, artist and engineer. The lack of creativity in my engineering program, however, had always made me crave art and artistic practices more, since back then, incorporating the two was a little impossible. Now that that isn’t the case anymore, I want to show you the kind of work I want to make in ps.js, and what has influenced my past work as well.


Taken in the outskirts of Lahore, my hometown, in a village which got a supply of clean water recently. These photos capture the joy of a newfound utility and contrast facial activity with the surroundings.

Faces are one of my deepest interests in art; capturing, creating, everything.

One of my most significant goals in art pursuits is creating empathy between people.


I’ve found that my art tends to be very “branchy”

These images were made on Photoshop while I learned Infinite Surface Design for digital printing on textiles at Rhode Island School of Design during a summer.









Digital Prints





One of my favourite pieces: Tree branches with urban photography backdrop. Noise and order.

For computing the kind of art I am inspired by, I want to be able to merge these


This image by Ryan Alexander amazes me. The smokey effect made with narrow branches, creating a portrait this defined: definitely something I want to be able to make. Maybe a generative software too.

I want to make GIFs like these for a better understand of certain logics or data, and to just make learning attractive for younger students.

This one merged with Ryan’s artwork above certainly ignites a chain of ideas in my head. One project I’m interested in is morphing one face from another in a similar way.





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